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Madis Rumming, M.Sc.


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Madis Rumming

28 January 1984

Hannover, Germany



Comparative Metagenomics, Data Mining, Microbiology, Bacteria, Archaea, Viruses, HPC, Visualization, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Databases, and Cloud Computing

Madis Rumming, M.Sc.

Education & Work Experience

I did my Bachelor studies in Bielefeld at the Faculty of Technology in Bioinformatics & Genome Research, followed by a Master of Science at the same faculty in Computer Science in the Natural Sciences including an Erasmus semester abroad in Tartu, Estonia.

After one year of practical work as an Java web application developer, I moved back to science to study the challenging problem of interpreting and understanding of metagenomes.

I work in the Computational Metagenomics Lab, headed by Dr. Alexander Sczyrba (Bielefeld University), and study during my PhD a more general way of comparing metagenomes utilizing meta data. I am a member of the DFG funded international graduate school Computational Methods for the Analysis of the Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes (GRK 1906).

I worked as an intern in the R&D department of illumina Inc. in Cambridge, UK, in the Computational Biology group to investigate the construction of gold standard variant calls for whole-genome somatic variant calling using supervised learning.

Invited Talks

MADD-Gen & DiDy Workshop Rumming, M.. MeGeMeBase – Metagenome Metadata Data Warehouse. Joint Workshop. Vancouver, Canada, 5-7 March 2014
ISMB/ECCB Sczyrba, A., Krueger, J. and Rumming, M.. BiBiCloud: a Cloud-Based Server for Big Data Bioinformatics. Technology Track. Berlin, Germany, 23 July 2013.
EMBRACE Allbio Rumming, M.. CeBiTec - Present, Future and Past and BiBiServ2 - Built to persist. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18-20 March 2013.


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[P1] Rumming M, Krusche P, Tedder PM. Developing gold standard variant calls for whole-genome somatic variant calling using supervised learning. EMBL Conference: Cancer Genomics. Heidelberg, Germany, 1-4 November 2015.

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